Marty is all of five years old and his godmother Brenda Fernandez-Hipolito recently posted on Facebook a video of the two sharing an afternoon, along with Marty’s Mom, who was off-camera. The public immediately reacted to the video, for beyond Marty being a really cute kid, there was some astounding feats of knowledge and memory being displayed by the precocious #BatangSM.


It may be early days for his STEAM education; so, if at his tender age, it’s all about the three R’s of Reading, (W)riting, and ‘Rithmetic; it would seem that Marty’s Mom had perked the avid interest of the boy also into all things “S” and ‘M.”


At the drop of a hat, Marty knew his numbers—as in how many SM Malls there are in the country, could name all the SM Malls in China, and know how many there are. Plus, he knew the anniversary dates of several of the Malls, where his favorite SM Mall is located, the floor area of the biggest one he’s aware of in Dasmariñas, Cavite, and he knew that Grand Central in Caloocan is the newest SM Mall—it just opened its doors on November 26.

What was cute was how he got stumped when asked who owns the SM Malls—and as he was being carried by his Ninang Brenda, said that his Ninang owned SM. With humor, Brenda wrote in her post that she was so happy he volunteered that information, as she certainly wasn’t aware of that.

Apparently, after the video was posted some four days ago, an SM Marketing Officer contacted Marty’s mother, and they’re arranging for Marty to be given a special tour of SM Megamall. If ever, SM Supermalls will be needing someone to handle talking on behalf of the malls when President Steven Tan is abroad or indisposed, the Sy family now know they can turn to Marty.

Not only does he have all the relevant facts and figures in his little noggin, he’s almost as charming as Mr. Steven. Just don’t ask him who he’s reporting to, and who owns the SM empire as his ready reply will be Ninang Brenda!