For those who regularly trim their hair every month, or enjoy a day at the salon, the quarantine has been extra challenging for them. Haircare is no joke. That is why it takes professionals to handle proper hair treatment.

Some people had a do-it-yourself haircut at their own homes during the quarantine period to cut those split ends and get back to a manageable hairstyle, a.k.a. quarantrim. Some had somebody else at their homes cut it for them. Some had decent DIY haircuts, but some weren't so lucky. So for those who got the short end of the rope from your quarantrim experience, there's good news. SM Supermalls are reopening their barbershops and salons! Everyone can finally have their hair fixed by experts. 

Curious which barbershops and salons are reopening at your nearest SM Supermalls? Check out the list of shops below and which branches you can find them in. Note that the stores below are going to be following the General Community Quarantine protocols for safety measurements.

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