The pandemic has changed our lives far from imagination, infecting millions around the world. The current situation altered the way of life and brought adjustments in every corner to make sure that safety is not sacrificed. This includes shopping restrictions, where consumers discover new ways on how they shop, consume, and move. With the help of technology, this transitioning is made easier.

Now, more than ever, SM Mall of Asia continues to evolve and adapt to the new normal by innovating how it provides the needs and wants of every customer. With the idea to bring the mall closer to you, the premiere destination lives up to its name and levels up its services through the MOA Drive-thru & Pick Up, where it allows customers to order online from multiple establishments and pick them up all in one go at the designated point without leaving their vehicles. 

Giving enough time to confirm orders through your mobile screen while lessening the time spent while shopping, this personalized service reinvents the drive-thru experience and allows you to literally “pick-up” your requested orders. Making it a point that you avoid long lines and have your essentials brought to you in your car instead, the MOA Drive-thru & Pick Up gives a new meaning to convenience and safety.

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Shopping has never been this easy—all you have to do is (1) chat via the MOA Facebook Messenger where you can get your order form and view the list of available establishments or order directly from participating establishment; (2) receive confirmation and schedule your preferred pick up time at designated point and select payment method with establishment; and finally (3) pick-up your orders at designated drive-thru without leaving your car. 

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In these tough times, your well-being is of top priority. Ensuring that you get your necessities and essentials safely as you choose your desired convenience will always come first. Head on now to SM Mall of Asia and discover a new way of saving the trouble right inside your car.

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