To say that milk tea shops have invaded the metro is not an exaggeration. Clearly, they dot every corner of every street! And while the abundance makes it easier and more convenient in getting your milk tea fix, the oh-so-many options can also give you a hard time choosing which shops to check.

SM Supermalls is a haven for remarkable coffee shops and cafes, making it the destination for great milk tea spots to try. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the 10 best milk tea places at SM where you can enjoy flavorsome treats every time! We understand that picking a drink from an extensive menu can also be a challenge, so we’ve included signature beverages and must-try blends for every store listed.

Can’t wait until the next time you can eat and drink at SM? Check the SM Supermalls Store Schedule and find out if your favorite milk tea offers take-out and delivery.

Now, read on and discover excellent milk tea spots to quench your cravings.

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