In celebration of Earth Month, SM Aura invited IDr. Wilhelmina Garcia, piid, founder of Junk Not, for an exhibition entitled “Junk Not turning plastic waste to furniture. Designing for Good.” This event will run from April 22-30, 2019 to showcase creative ways of transforming waste materials into functional/useful items. Its main objective is to raise awareness on the alarming situation of plastic waste pollution in the Philippines. As we end this Earth Month, Art in Aura and Junk Not would like to highlight innovative and sustainable ways of solving this plastic pollution.


Art in Aura supports local artists with great contributions in the society and the environment. This month, Art in Aura features the brilliant works of IDr. Garcia thru Junk Not. Garcia’s advocacy inspired her to give livelihood opportunities to a partner community and at the same time clean the environment.

This show is a call for action, an advocacy to push everyone to be more creative and responsible with their waste management. Thru this exhibition, Junk Not encourages everyone to join this movement and give back to Mother Nature. Be a responsible consumer by starting proper waste segregation in your own home. Clean all the plastic waste and bring them to us. Let Junk Not help you in turning those wastes into your own furniture and become the new hero of the environment.

Junk Not Turning Plastic Waste to Furnitures Exhibit is part of SM Aura Premier’s The Lush Initiative, a campaign promoting green programs in the mall and its customers.

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