FAQs – 3-Day Sale Raffle Program

1. How to join SM Supermalls 3 Day Sale raffle?

Step 1: Customer must first visit the designated redemption 3 Day Sale booths and present his/ her Official receipts to the Promodiser in charge.

Step 2: Promodiser will assess the validity of the ORs. 

Step 3: Diser will ask for the customer’s mobile number (landline is acceptable ONLY if mobile number is not available)

Step 4: For existing customers- (those who registered and opted in to SM Malls’ database) will be asked to check and update their information.

For NEW (1st time registrants) customer will receive an instruction via sms on how to register their information

Step 5: Promodiser will input all valid Official Receipts. Please keep in mind of the conversation of raffle entries based on the receipts of the following tenants below:

SM Foodcourt: P250 single receipt= 1 enrty

SM Storyland: P300 accumulated = 1 entry

SM Cinema: 4 tickets = 1 entry

Other SM tenants: P1K accumulated receipts= 1 raffle entry

*Double the points for purchases during Saturdays and Sundays

Step 6
: If the registration is successful, Promodiser will show the customer’s reference number and the total e-raffle the customer redeeemed. Customer is advised to write the reference number at the back of the receipt or take a photo using their own smart phone.

Step 7: After completing the transaction, customer will receive a confirmation SMS from SM MALLS in the registered mobile number. For those customers who entered their landline number, customer will receive a 3DS raffle coupon from the Promodiser. The raffle coupon must include the following information: Customer Name, Landline Number used, Total e-Raffle entries and the Reference Number of the customer.   

Step 8: For first time registrants: Customer must send the following to 2346:



2. What are considered as valid 3-Day Sale Official Receipts?

A: Only those receipts that are purchased during the 3-day sale of the specific participating mall where the transaction is made. Receipts for purchase of gift certificates, payment of phone/credit card/electric/other utility bills, membership fees, insurance premiums, housing, car and other form of loans, and the like are not qualified for this promo.

3. How will I know if my registration pushed through?

A: There are 2 ways to confirm your registration:

  • All customers who registered in the 3DS booth will receive a confirmation message/ sms from SM MALLS in their registered mobile number. This will serve as your e-raffle coupon and must be presented when claiming your prize.
  • Unregistered customer who successfully registered via SMS (2346) will also get a confirmation message from 2346 stating that he/she is now qualified to the 3DS raffle promo.

4. What if I didn’t receive any sms from SM malls or 2346?

Estimated processing time from submission of entry in the tablet up to the sms confirmation message should not be more than 1 minute. Customer is also advised to wait until 24 hours for the sms in case there is high volume of sms request resulting to prolonged delay

In case the customer did not receive any sms within 24 hours, customer can call the designated mall hotline or visit the Mall’s Admin Office and provide the following details:

Customer Full Name, Last Name

Transaction date

Transaction number

Mall where the customer registered and redeemed the raffle entry

Customer will receive a feedback on or before 6 hours after reporting.

5. How many times do I need to register?

Customer only needs to register ONCE as long as he/ she is using the same mobile number. If on the next transaction, the customer registered a different and new number, customer will be required to register again.

6. Is SMS registration free of charge?

Yes. Valid SMS Registration is free.

7. What is invalid registration? Is there a fee if I did not follow the correct sms registration?

Invalid registration are those that do not follow the required sms format. See samples below:


Invalid format: SM<space>REG<space>NAME<space>AGE<space>ADDRESS.

Invalid registration will cost the participant 0.00PhP

Note that the amount stated above is per sms part (160 characters only). Cost may increase if the sms exceeded 160 characters.

8. Can I check my e-raffle coupons or points? Is there a fee for checking?

Yes, you can check it by sending sms to 2346 with this format:



Each sms part (160 characters) used for inquiry of e-raffle coupons will cost Php 2.50

9. When is the raffle draw?

Drawing of winners will happen on the next day right after the last day of 3-Day Sale.

10. How will I get notified if I win in the 3DS?

Winners will be notified via registered mail and SMS notification (Sender Name: SM MALLS). The list of winners will also be posted in the designated areas of the participating SM malls.

11. What do I need to bring when I claim the prize?

For proper identification, the winner must present the following to claim his/her prize at the shopping Center Management Corporation (SCMC) Administration Office (at the mall branch where they won) at the Marketing Department from Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

  1. Winner’s notification letter sent via registered mail
  2. SMS Confirmation message from SM Supermalls
  3. 2 Valid Government IDs
  4. All customers (Regardless if registered, unregistered or without mobile number) must bring their official receipts.
  5. If customer has no mobile number, customer must bring the physical coupon stub given by the Promodiser

12. Can I send an authorized representative to claim my prize?

In the absence of the winner, an authorized representative must present the following to claim the prize on behalf of the winner:

  1. Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
  2. Notarized authorization letter from the Winner
  3. Two (2) valid government IDs of the Winner
  4. Two (2) valid government IDs of the Representative
  5. Winner’s notification letter sent via registered mail
  6. Screenshot of SMS notification from SM MALLS

13. What if I lost the confirmation message, how will I claim my prize?

Loss of SMS confirmation message, or Physical stub (applicable only to customer w/o mobile number). Customer must present the following:

  1. Notarized Affidavit of Loss
  2. Winner’s notification letter sent via registered mail
  3. 2 Valid Government IDs

14. Who are qualified to join?

All SM shoppers who are at least 21 yo and above. A customer may win only once and will not be eligible to join a 3-Day Sale raffle promo in other SM malls for the year 2019.

Not qualified to participate in this raffle promotion: Employees of shopping Center Management Corporation, its affiliates, mall tenants of participating SM malls, agencies, service providers, respective officers and the relatives of the employees up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

15. What are the prizes?

Raffle prizes Available for the 3-Day Sale: 3 Suzuki Skydrive Sport Motor per participating Mall

Prizes are transferable but not convertible to cash. The winner shall shoulder the prize tax, registration, insurance, freight (if applicable), and other related expenses.

16. Can I claim my prize immediately after I received the notification that I won?

shopping Center Management Corporation (SCMC) shall only release the vehicle unit to the winner upon securing the following registration documents from the Land Transportation Office:

  1. Official Receipt
  2. Certificate of Registration
  3. Insurance

17. Until when can I claim my prize?

Unclaimed prizes after 60 days of notification will be reported to DTI and upon approval by DTI shall be forfeited in favor of shopping Center Management Corporation (SCMC).

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