SM Megamall commemorates 25 years of the Art Walk.  It is the pioneering venue and platform for popular slew of galleries. Before the Art Walk was brought to the mainstream, only those who were affiliated with the industry could appreciate art. Today, it has established itself as the center for masterpiece exhibitions, auctions and symposia in the Metro.  As an advocate in patronizing Philippine Art, SM Megamall brings you Art in the mall, curated by Mr. Ricky Francisco.


The Art Walk has 17 galleries to date and an Art Center where major exhibitions are held with top Filipino artists such as, Ben Cab, Arturo Luz, Abdulmari Imao, Michael Cacnio, Dominic Rubio, Leeroy New, and more, allowing people from all walks of life to embrace culture and the arts. Among the fine galleries include Gallery Nine, Renaissance Art Gallery, ArtAsia, Galeria Y, Gallery Frames, Contreras, Passionart Gallery, Unang Panahon, Art Circle Gallery, Galerie Francesca, The Big & Small Co., Paseo Art Gallery, Galerie Anna, Blue Matiz, Heritage, Old Manila, and The Crucible. SM Megamall’s Art Walk is located at 4L, Mega A. #CreateMega




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