Denim has never been so democratic. The time of the one-jean-silhouette rule is over. In its place, offerings in a variety of cuts, washes and styles, ready to indulge us in our every denim dream and fantasy. Which leaves us pretty much zero excuse to put on repeat the same jean and t-shirt combo. Luckily here are essential styling hacks (a fortunate fashion consequence from being besieged by the beautifully dressed in Instagram) to refresh your current favorites and maybe to tactically inject new ones too. Have a scroll to see ten of my favorite IG girls and their clever take on denim, and then shop the key looks of the season.

 12Photo courtesy of Ruta Gyvyte’s instagram: @rutaenroute. Denim overalls from H&M.


City sophistication trumps country connotations when you wear your all-in-ones as innerwear instead of outerwear. Pick a pair with medium stretch so it fits right but not tight—sexy with sass is the intent. Other details to look out for? Cropped hems and a nice dark wash. Shrug on a jacket (or a coat if in colder climes), and don’t hold back on party-ready footwear.

 21Photo courtesy of Ruta Gyvyte’s instagram: @rutaenroute. Cropped jacket from Topshop.


A shortened denim jacket with high waisted trousers make the perfect compromise—they meet exactly in the middle. But jean joinings can’t be all that easy. Not to worry, a cropped jacket over any classic favorite still spells cool-girl style. Slip it off one shoulder (or both) for an Instagram ready at-ease feel. Pick one in an unfinished hem with frayed edges, it’s the new trim to sport.

 3Photo courtesy of Anouk Yve’s Instagram: @anoukyve. Bermuda shorts from Topshop.


Too many skinny jeans in your closet? Then DIY your pairs into the newest shape that every insta-famous summer girl is wearing. It only takes two steps too. One, find yourself a sharp scissor, and two, shear your pants mid-thigh. Best to try it on first though and mark the length to cut. It’s all about mimicking 90’s cycling shorts, so the slimmer the skinny, the better to highlight your long limbs.

 Screen_Shot_2018-07-09_at_4_07_10_PMPhoto courtesy of Camille Charriere’s Instagram: @camillecharriere. Jacket from H&M.


Generous space and ample room to move, isn’t that enough of a come-on to try the oversized trend? How about if I say that it adds character and a certain cool-rebel persona? Buck the show-off-your-shape tendency and do as the fashion forward girls do, match large pieces with even larger accents, unapologetically. Non snug jeans go so well with double XL outerwear. Pointy ankle straps inject just the right amount of femininity.

 5Photo courtesy of Kristy Wu’s Instagram: @kristywho. Skirt from H&M.


Never underestimate the transformative power of a belt. Worn high on the midriff it gives an instant hourglass shape (ehem tiny wasp waists!) to any silhouette—and on denim, an instant edge. Pick a belt with statement hardware: oversized buckles, cowboy studs, decorative end tips and give your basic denim pieces the form—and attitude it deserves.

Photo courtesy of Olivia Kijo’s Instagram: @oliviakijo. Jeans from Dorothy Perkins.


Subvert the usual way of wearing pants. This part waist, part hip design strikes a strong fashion statement and should be shown off with your shirt tucked in. You might be hard pressed to find a denim and trouser hybrid like this one though, unless of course you get it directly from Maison Margiela. But you can instead style the look with separates: high waisted denim pants and low waisted trousers worn over. Think of it as an avant-garde approach to the usual staple.

 7Photo courtesy of Stephanie Arant’s Instagram: @shhtephs. Jeans from H&M. Jacket from Zara.



Who said doubling down on denim needed to be of the same shade and of the same fabric? Lose the heaviness and go light with the shade (ice blue and white!) and light with the weight: chambray and 9-10 ounce weight denim jackets. The former, a denim doppelganger, is more buoyant and has more movement than regular jeans. The latter, thin enough to wear even during summer.

 8Photo courtesy of Tiffany Hsu’s Instagram: @handinfire. Jeans from Mango.


Spliced denim is unconventional and is mostly an indication of impeccable construction and/or of designer work. Keep an eye out for retail pieces that’s two-toned to give the impression of bespoke. Or if you have a go-to tailor in mind (which is not at all that uncommon), out your inner art-girl and combine old pieces to create multi-hued new ones.

9Photo courtesy of Tine Andrea’s Instagram: @tineandreaa. Jeans from Zara.


A side-striped pant marries sportswear with street. In Calvin Klein’s hands (as seen on Tine Andrea), the urban tracksuit gets a cool and covetable utilitarian makeover. Diner uniform shirts replace zip ups and straight tapered jeans supersedes loose pants. Try to keep an eye out for both and wear set-to-match. Not ready to co-ord commit? Lined jeans already function as bold graphic statements—it’ll work as a separate too.

2018-07-20.jpgPhoto courtesy of Yan Yan Chan’s Instagram: @_yanyanchan. Jeans from Pull & Bear.


Dare to go against the accepted form of a good fitting trouser. Extra long straight legs give an interesting structure to jeans, not quite fitted and not quite the right length, but who cares? It’s unorthodox, it’s offbeat, it’s intriguing, and it’s cool. Raid your boyfriends’ closet first to get a head start on straight legs, or if significant others are not part of the picture, foray into the men’s section of your favorite brands like I do.

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