Dads rule! This upcoming Father's Day, we’re all about celebrating all the incredible dads out there—the ones who make us laugh, the ones who inspire us, and even the ones we love on screen! 

Ready to test your knowledge of these epic father figures? Take our fun trivia challenge for a chance to win P2,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates to treat your amazing dad (or yourself—no judgment here!). All you need to do is answer at least 8 questions correctly to be entered to win. 

So, grab your thinking cap and show off your pop culture smarts. Let's get quizzing!

Time Left: 01:30

This dad is a singer popularly known as "Mr. Pure Energy," thanks to his complicated jumps and electrifying hataw performances. Who are we talking about?

Who is the Filipino former basketball player later known for his family vlogs with his wife, Cheska Garcia, and their three loving kids, whom he considers his own “team”?

Which character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe says the famous line, “I love you 3000,” to his daughter?

Known as "The Rock," This dad is another famous Hollywood actor and a professional wrestler, known for his action and adventure films like Journey 2, Black Adam, and Jumanji.

Who is the Philippine actor known as the "King of Romance Drama" and the Philippines' Original Heartthrob, and who is the father of showbiz twins Atasha and Andres?

Who is the Filipino actor known for his roles in television dramas like "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" and "Alyas Robin Hood," and is also married to Marian Rivera?

Which Filipino comedian and actor, known for his roles in "Eat Bulaga!" and various comedy films, is often referred to as "Bossing"?

This Hollywood actor is known for his comedic roles and superhero character Deadpool. Who is he?

Which retired English footballer is married to Victoria Beckham and known for his exceptional free-kick skills?

Who is the Duke of Cambridge, second in line to the British throne, and the elder son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana?

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