Love and luck is everywhere at SM Supermalls, from this month until the next! As both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year 2024 are fast approaching, why not have some fun testing your knowledge about these colorful annual celebrations? Answer these questions, and if you manage to get 8 out of 10 right, you might just find yourself in the running to win PHP 2,000 worth of SM GCs!

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As we celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 10, 2024, we’re starting the year of?

Chinese New Year, which is considered as the most important celebration in China and in other parts of Asia, is also called as:

Generally, this color is the color of passion, desire, and often associated with love. Additionally, in the Chinese zodiac, this color is considered as the most important as it symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and good luck.

During Valentine's, let's remember love as a mix of strength, respect, loyalty, and good vibes—similar to this special animal in Chinese culture that stands for power, honor, luck, and success.

What's the name for those red envelopes with money that bring good luck and protect from bad spirits? People also give them at weddings for good luck and as a helpful gift for the couple's married life.

Lighting these is one of the traditional ways to celebrate Chinese New Year, as the noise is said to scare away evil spirits.

Love is like layers of affection, understanding, and shared experiences, bringing couples together through the ups and downs of a relationship, much like this sweet treat we enjoy during Chinese New Year celebrations.

These fruits are also often given during Chinese New Year as their round shape and golden color are said to bring luck, success, and wealth.

This Valentine’s, may you and your partner enjoy a love filled with joy and positivity on your journey together, much like the significance of this important Chinese New Year meal symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

This crystal is called the 'stone of unconditional love,' known for bringing joy and emotional healing. Its most notable quality is its ability to give and receive love. Singles, can you guess which crystal this is?

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