SM Quiz Time: Guess My Super Mom | SM Supermalls

If you’re looking for #momgoals, look no further than the local showbiz scene: It’s teeming with beautiful and powerful mothers, a.k.a. Super Moms who can do it all.

Here’s some good news, too: Your celebrity knowledge just might be your ticket to winning 2,000 worth of SM GCs as we celebrate Mother’s Day this month! (Don’t forget to check out our Super Mom Deals for gift ideas, BTW!)

The fun starts here—all you have to do is match the celeb kids with their famous mamas in this easy-peasy quiz. Make sure to get at least 8 out of 10 correct answers to qualify for the winners’ draw, wherein 10 lucky joiners will bring home instant shopping money.

Bonus tip: Keep your eyes peeled for some clues within the images, ‘kay? 


Ten (10) winners will be selected via electronic raffle and announced through the SM Supermalls Facebook page. Each winner will be contacted by an SM Representative via SMS and e-mail.

Join us as we celebrate #SuperMoms this month of May and get dibs on the most incredible deals, spots, treats, and more at your favorite SM Supermalls. Don’t forget to check out SM Deals and SM Malls Online for special Mother’s Day offers and gifts for the most special women in your life. For more mom-related content and exclusive offers, join the Supermoms Club on Facebook.

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